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For more information, download the Powerex Scroll
Air Compressor Service and Maintenance Guide below:
Powerex Scroll Air Compressor
Service and Maintenance Guide

Powerex Scroll Compressor Tip Seals

Powerex scroll compressors are 100% oil-less. No oil is used in the compression cycle. The tip seal on the scroll compressor is self-lubricated and allows the unit to operate efficiently without oil and expensive filtration.

The tip seal should be replaced every 10,000 hours of operating @ 115 psig.

Replace tip seal on scroll compressors SLAE03EB, SLAE05E, and SLAE05EHP at 5,000 hours when operated at 145 psig.

Powerex Scroll Grease

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Quantity Add to
Model HP Tip Seals High/Low PSI
92832070 5 Low
92832080 5 High
92834090 3 Low

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