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Powerex: The Leader in Pure Air Technology

Did you know that Powerex introduced the first dry scroll to the oilless compressor market back in 1989? The scrolls completely dry compression chamber has a quiet vibration free operation which invites gas applications not considered with reciprocating compressors. Composite piston technology now standard on Powerex reciprocating compressors increases ring life and reduces temperature, providing reliability for years and years!

Powerex manufactures products in three world class ISO 9002 facilities: Harrison, Ohio; Fukushima, Japan; and Yokohama, Japan.

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mdi: Manufacturers Distributor, Inc.

What is Manufacturers Distributor?

Manufacturers Distributor, Inc. is a company that supports and supplies all different types of Rotary Equipment. Rotary Equipment is high end machinery that turns and performs a function and can be found in a large variety of fields, including: Industrial, Medical, HVAC, and many others.

mdi is an Authorized Distributor of Powerex Equipment in the Florida Area

What does mdi do?

Rotary equipment has not changed in thirty years; how you purchase this equipment has. mdi is dedicated to providing companies with a direct path to manufacturers of rotary equipment while reducing: the product delivery time, cost to the consumer, and most importantly the headache.

Our mission is to be the unquestioned innovative leader in distributing replacement rotary equipment to the business consumer utilizing the classic, proven business practices with today’s technology: the internet. Businesses offering rotary equipment have been quick to offer products through web pages, but at mdi we feel the marketing of industrial products via the internet is a totally new venue. Educated customers turning to the internet are expecting more: more product, more immediate customer service, more technical knowledge, better deliveries and better product pricing. And they want all of this now.

This is what customers expect and this is what mdi will deliver.

What makes mdi different?

mdi is much more than an internet business; we are your Business to Business Partner. We utilize the internet for advertising and communicating valuable information. We are not some eCommerce site that wants your credit card; rather we provide personalized customer service. Your needs are demanding and require immediate attention. Call for a real person and receive an accurate detailed professional proposal. Let us deal with the manufacturers, we represent you. Manufacturers Distributor, Inc. is committed to providing excellent service on quality products at the very best possible price.

Give Us a Chance and We Will Prove It!

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Odessa, FL 33556
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